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Dunn's Memorial Services are an uplifiting combination of music and truth from God's Word. ​Help prepare your soul for the week ahead in our 9:30 AM Sunday School Service, and stay for Sunday Worship at 11 AM. Those that desire to learn more about God's plan and purpose for their lives should join us for Bible Study, every Wednesday at 7 PM.
Bible Study
WHEN: Wednesday Evenings, 7 PM

Bible Study at Dunn's Memorial is an interactive experience!

Believers join together to gain a deeper understanding of God, Christ, and living a joy filled Christian life.


Sunday School

WHEN: Sunday Mornings, 9:30 AM


Our Sunday School isn't just for kids!

While we are proud to offer Sunday School​
for the young, we've come to realize that

grown-ups need Christian teaching  so they can GROW too!

Join us and be amazed by just how relevant the Word of God is to our daily lives, and how the solutions for today's problems lie in a place many people fail to look... The Holy Bible.​

Sunday Service

WHEN: Sunday Mornings, 11:00 AM



Call to Worship

Hymn of Praise

Responsive Reading



Tithes and Offerings

Inspirational Singing


Invitation to Christian Discipleship

Acknowledgement of Visitors


​​Pastor Salem Robinson, Jr.


Church Clerk


DMBC Choir

Pastor Salem Robinson, Jr.

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